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We have put together a number of PDF Documents created by the National Caravan Council containing useful advice, information and tips!
NCC Towing Guide
A comprehensive document on towing your caravan safely and securely, this PDF is not to be missed and we recommend all new towers (and even old ones) to view. Click Here to view the PDF Sheet.
Coupling a Caravan to a Car
Coupling a caravan to a car is quite simple, as long as you follow the right advice. This NCC Advice Sheet provides 7 steps to correct coupling and a check list to ensure that it has been done properly.
Even long experienced caravanners should familiarise themselves with this, as coupling equipment changes over time. Click Here to view the PDF Sheet.
Correct Attachment of Breakaway Cables
For braked trailers up to 3500kg GVW
The National Caravan Council, The Caravan Club, The Camping and Caravanning Club, The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders and the National Trailer & Towing Association have produced guidance on how a breakaway cable should be correctly attached.Click Here to view the PDF Sheet.


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