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The seats and covers of all Thetford toilets can be removed to make cleaning the unit easier. Simply hold the seat and cover together and pull upwards away from the toilet.

Never use household detergents to clean the toilet: they may contain bleach, which can cause damage to the seals and plastic. Use a dilute warm water solution of washing up liquid, or: Thetford Bathroom Cleaner.
If you won't be using the caravan for some time, give the toilet a thorough clean, making certain that you dry both the lipseal and blade, then spray them lightly with Thetford Maintenance Spray. Leave the blade in the open position to minimise the risk of the seal sticking to it.

DO NOT pour Aqua Kem into the holding tank through the blade hole: always add it via the pouring spout.

DO NOT shake the holding tank violently when rinsing it, as this can dislodge the float arm. A gentle swirling action and two or more rinses, as required, will ensure the tank is thoroughly clean.

When charging the holding tank add two litres of water to the Aqua Kem. This minimises the risk of waste "Pyramiding".

Drain down the fresh water chamber during winter lay-ups to prevent the possibility of frost damage.

Add Aqua Rinse to units which have their own fresh water tanks, It ensures a better flush preventing staining.


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